Terms & Conditions

Quoted amount and deadline specifications:
We require a 50 % booking fee, before we start. This fee is then deducted from your total amount. The outstanding balance should be settled 3 days before delivery. No delivery will be made with outstanding balances. If delivery date is within 2 weeks of ordering date, the full amount will be payable and no deposit will be taken. We have a 4 week lead time on all our projects. Some of our material are ordered from overseas, if you would like to purchase an item in less than two weeks, please note that a penalty fee will be charged on such items. If full payment is not received by date of delivery we have the right to cancel delivery until full payment has been received.

We make use of The Courier Guy as our courier services, that way we can deliver anywhere in South Africa. If you are in another town please make sure that we get a quote from them before paying the deposit. They are reliable and very affordable. We do set-ups and deliveries, but a additional fee will be charged for this.

Before we make any paper arrangements we do send you colour samples to confirm. On that we start the project. If you agree on the sample and you change your mind, we can change the colour but you will be charged for any labour or costs that went into the project thus far. We do send picture as we go along, if at anytime you are not satisfied, please notify us. If you accept the order and are unsatisfied afterwards, no refunds will be given. We love feedback, even constructive criticism, because that makes us better! The Peachy Peony reserves the right to refuse refunds in the events of; the items being damaged after purchasing due to mishandling from the client or if a client simply changed their mind without prior notice.

We love a challenge and encourage you to send us your idea, but please note; like any other company we want to be unique. We will make the item as specified by the customer, but with our own spin on it to make it ‘Peachy’. If you have any preferences or specifications we ask that you stipulate them on return of this form.


Social Media and Images 

The Peachy Peony has all rights on photos taken by ourselves of our products. Styling is done by us. We take photos to showcase our designs and handy work. We hold all rights to these images and any copying or use of these images are forbidden. We have the right to post these images on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Any photos shared by our clients or taken by professional photographers and used by us on our Facebook page, Instagram page or Website will firstly be asked permission for and credited.